Clean install Mac OS X 10.4

appleFrom time to time you may need to install OSX on your Mac.  This article goes through the steps.



Let's get started

  1. Clean install OS X, using the 2 install disks from the disk folder. (Hold C to force boot from CD!)
  2. Customise the install to remove all extra languages.
  3. Pare down bundled software to Garageband, iDVD, iMovie,iTunes etc…
  4. Join to Wireless LAN
  5. Initial user: IT Expert, shortname is itexpert



System Preferences>Sharing:

  • Computer Name, A9-01 etc
  • Apple Remote Desktop, Allow itexpert to access all options
  • Remote Login – enable
  • Xgrid – Set password but don’t enable


System Preferences>Network:

  • Create Location School Wireless
  • Create Location Stand Alone
  • Create Location School Wired


System Preferences>Network>Proxies:

  • Setup Location as School Wired
  • Network port configurations: remove all that are not required
  • Select Web Proxy (HTTP) and enter ISA, 8080
  • Remove Airpot icon from tool bar

System Preferences>Energy Saver

  • Power on always, Screen off after 5 mins

Increase screen brightness

Run Software Update until no updates are available!

System Preferences>Software Update

  • Uncheck Check for updates
  • Run Check Now until no updates are available!


Configuration of the installed software

Run all applications at least once.


Design student account

Password is blank

Change desktop to custom image


Tidy up

Finder Preferences:


  • Remove Macintosh HD from desktop
  • Remove Connected servers
  • Open new windows in column view


  • Remove everything except removable media and home


Remove the following from the dock

  • Address Book, System Preferences, Safari, Mail & Apple shortcut icon.
  • Add music and pictures to iTunes and iPhoto as demo stuff!!
  • Add Logic express icon
  • By default always open finder windows to Music Folder


Admin account

  • Username:  itexpert
  • Password: xxxxx
  • Configure the Dock
  • Change desktop to stones


Some final touches

Automatically login as student


System Preferences>Accounts

  1. Login options, display Login Window as icons
  2. Automatically login as student
  3. Disable fast user switching
  4. Set volume to 75%
  5. Don’t show password hints

Always test run the configurations completely to ensure that the students can do everything that they would want to be able to do, and nothing that would compromise the smooth running of the workstation.  This is always time well spent because remember that this image will be implemented on all machines.



  1. Clone system partition:
  2. Boot source iMac into Target Disk mode by holding down T
  3. Plug source iMac into another iMac using firewire cable
  4. Run Carbon Copy Cloner on other iMac to create .dmg file of the source iMac.


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