Creating a one-off user account (for exams)

server2003The objective here is to create an exam user account on for a small number of students.  Students cannot have access to their regular ‘my documents’ and any generic student share.  Students will typically need to have access to a printer.

Account details

  • UserAccount:  ExamStudent-01 Password: xxxx
  • UserAccount:  ExamStudent-02 Password: xxxx

Password never expires.  User cannot change password


Security Groups needed

ExamStudents.  ExamStudent-01 etc will need to be a member of this group.


File Structure

Home Directories > Students > Generic Students > ExamStudents etc


Home Directories (Security Properties)

Deselect Allow Inheritable Permissions from parent… and delete all permissions.

Add the following:

  • Administrators Allow:  Full Control
  • NetworkAdmins Allow:  Full Control
  • Creator/Owner Allow:  Full Control (SubFolders and Files Only)


Next Level Groups (Security Properties)


ExamStudents Allow:  Traverse Folder (This Folder, Subfolders and files)


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