Creating a sound Home Directory structure

server2003The objective is to create a Home Directory structure on a file server, to serve all users' files.  It needs to be secure so that each user can only access their own files and no-one else's.

Security Groups needed

  • NetworkAdmins, Students, Teachers, 2000, 2001, 2002 (years of entry) etc


File Structure

  • Home Directories > HeadTeacherTeam
  • Home Directories > ITSupport
  • Home Directories > Office
  • Home Directories > Support
  • Home Directories > Teachers
  • Home Directories > Students >2007, 2008, 2009, etc


Home Directories (Security Properties)

Deselect Allow Inheritable Permissions from parent...and delete permissions, adding the following...

  1. Administrators Allow:  Full Control
  2. NetworkAdmins Allow:  Full Control
  3. Creator/Owner Allow:  Full Control (SubFolders and Files Only)


Next Level Groups (Security Properties)


2009 Allow:  Traverse Folder (This Folder, Subfolders and files)


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