How to update a mandatory profile


Mandatory profiles are an excellent way to provide a consistent desktop environment on Windows XP.  As your needs change so you will need to update this profile, so this article gives you the routine to do just that!

Copy the existing Profile

  1. Copy Student.MAN as Student01.
  2. Rename ntuser.MAN to ntuser.dat


Active Directory

Ensure that Student account is configured to use this temporary Profile.


Log on as Student

  1. Log on as this new user and make any changes as necessary.
  2. Log off and the changes will have been saved in the profile on the server.


Copy the New Profile as Student.MAN

  1. Backup the previous copy of Student.MAN.
  2. Rename ntuser.dat to ntuser.MAN and then change the name of the newly created profile from Student01 to Student.MAN.
  3. Ensure that the Student account is configured to use the Student.MAN profile once more.


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