Some configurations for Server 2003 Enterprise

server2003Windows Server 2003 is a popular platform in schools.  This article shows how to configure your server for various roles.  I used Server 2003 R2.


Domain Controller

  1. Go to Start > Manage Your Server.
  2. Click Add or remove a role.
  3. Check the preliminary steps and click Next.
  4. Select Domain Controller (Active Directory) and click Next.
  5. Click Next to Run the Active Directory Installation Wizard...
  6. Click Next and Next again.
  7. Select Domain controller for a new domain.
  8. Choose Domain in a new forest.
  9. Enter a Full DNS name for new domain (eg yourdomain.local).
  10. Check and confirm NetBIOS domain name.
  11. Leave the Database and Log folders at defaults for now.
  12. Leave Sysvol folder at default.
  13. Select Install and configure the DNS server...
  14. Select Permissions compatible only with Windows 2000 or Windows Server 2003.
  15. Enter the Restore Mode Password.
  16. Check the Summary and click Next.
  17. Ensure that your CD is inserted and click OK.
  18. DNS will now be configured (this takes a few minutes).
  19. Click Finish and Restart.
  20. You can now logon as the Domain Administrator using the same password as the local Administrator.


More configurations

Build an authentication server with Active Directory.

Install an SNMP agent for monitoring purposes.


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