User naming conventions for your network


Having a naming convention that works will help you manage your network more efficiently.  Below is a suggested naming convention that you can modify for your own needs.

Different naming conventions

I recommend a different naming convention for different classes of usernames (eg. IT Support, Staff and Students).


IT Support - First name only

  • edward

This group of users has higher privileges than any other group of users and this can be indicated by the username alone.  Additionally in a school you will have a relatively small number of IT Support users so this naming convention should usually work.

It's also worth noting that this is the only group of users who should not normally have a roaming profile.


Teachers and staff - First initial and surname

  • jbrown

This will reduce the amount of typing for a teacher, whilst ensuring that the name will usually be unique enough.


Students - Fullname and registration class (eg class AB)

  • johnsmithAB

This convention should work, as most schools won't put 2 students with the same name in the same registration class.


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