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Installing Windows Server 2008


Windows Server 2008 is becoming popular in schools.  This article shows how to build Server 2008 from scratch.  I've included some vm considerations.

Virtual Hardware

  1. Choose Microsoft Windows Server 2008 (64-bit) as the version.
  2. Select 1 GB of ram.
  3. Use a 20GB hard drive.
  4. Configure the NIC to connect to your internal network.
  5. Remove the floppy drive.


  1. Choose Language, Time and Keyboard and click Next.
  2. Click Install Now.
  3. Select the version (eg Windows Server 2008 Enterprise - Full).
  4. Agree the License terms and click Next.
  5. Which type of installation do you want? Choose Custom (advanced).
  6. Select your drive, and click Next.
  7. The installation may take about 20 minutes depending on your hardware and which version you chose in step 3.

Initial Log on

  1. Click OK to log on for the first time.
  2. Set the Administrator password and click the arrow.
  3. Click OK.

Install VMware tools

If you've deployed this server as a vm, now you can install VMware tools.


Your now ready to configure your Server 2008.

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