Adding a new hard disk


You may need to increase your storage capacity by adding a new hard disk.  Additionally it's good practice to store user data on a separate partition if not a separate hard disk.

This article describes the procedure for adding a new disk, and putting a partition on it.

Server Manager

Once you've installed the new hard drive, you can start by logging on with an administrator account.

  1. Start the Server Manager if it's not already started.
  2. In the left pane, go to File and Storage Services.
  3. Choose Disks, and your new disk should be visible in the main window.
  4. Right-click your new disk and choose Bring online.
  5. Click Yes to the warning.
  6. With your new hard drive selected, go to the Volumes area and click the link to start the New Volume Wizard.
  7. Click Next on the Before you begin page.
  8. Click Next to confirm your disk selection.
  9. Click OK to the warning.
  10. Confirm the Volume size.
  11. Assign a Drive letter.
  12. Leave the File System Settings on their default settings.
  13. Click Create on the Confirm selections page.
  14. Close the Wizard when the task is complete.


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