Installing Microsoft Server 2012


This article will show you how to install Microsoft Server 2012.  I will be using an ESXi 5.1 VMware infrastructure, but the procedure will be similar for other environments.

VMware Settings

Start by creating a new virtual machine with the following settings.

  1. Choose Custom configuration.
  2. Give your VM a name.
  3. Select the Storage location.
  4. Choose Virtual Machine Version 8, unless you have a good reason not to.
  5. Select Microsoft Windows Server 2012 (64-bit) from the drop-down.
  6. Leave default settings for CPU.
  7. Choose 2GB for memory.
  8. Leave default settings for NICs.
  9. Leave SCSI Controller as LSI Logic SAS.
  10. Create a New Virtual Disk, and leave default of 40GB, but choose Thin Provision.
  11. Leave the Advanced Options on their default settings.

Once the new virtual machine has been created, you can remove the floppy disk, and insert the Windows Server 2012 disk.


Installation (no gui)

Now you are ready to start up the host machine.

  1. Start by choosing your regional settings.
  2. Click Install Now.
  3. Leave the default selection of Windows Server 2012 Standard (Server Core Installation).
  4. Accept the Licence terms.
  5. Click Custom Install Windows only (Advanced).
  6. Click Next to select the hard drive for installation.
  7. Windows will now start the installation process.

This will typically take several minutes, and the server may repower a couple of times.  When it is finished, you will be asked to set the Administrator password.

Windows is now installed, and you will have access to the Command Prompt.

Now you are ready to start configuring Windows Server 2012.


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