Build an Ubuntu file server

ubuntuThis article covers building an Ubuntu file server.  I'm using Ubuntu 16.04 LTS at the time of writing.

Ubuntu Installation

You might build a physical Ubuntu server with a RAID, or a virtual Ubuntu Jeos server, with the following considerations:

  • Software Selection
    • OpenSSH server
    • Samba file server
  • IP address

Watch out for a leaking memory bug.



  1. If you need to add some RAID storage you can configure your RAID.
  2. You will typically need to add some users and groups.
  3. You can protect your file systems from data overload by installing and configuring quotas.
  4. You will need to configure Samba, so that users can share files.
  5. You might need to configure the default UMASK setting.
  6. If your server is headless, you might want it to beep when it's ready.


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