Joining an Active Directory domain

ubuntuIf your Ubuntu computer needs to be accessible inside a Windows Active Directory domain, you will need to join it first.  This article shows you how, using Likewise software.


The first step is to install the Likewise software.

  1. Log on to your Ubuntu server.
  2. sudo apt-get install likewise-open
  3. Kerberos version 5 realm - Leave this blank.

I recently got a failed message here, but I ignored it and the following worked.

Interestingly if you get the error DNS_ERROR_BAD_PACKET, it may be that you need to put your Windows Server first on the list in /etc/resolv.conf file if it isn't already.


Join Active Directory domain

  1. sudo /usr/bin/domainjoin-cli join yourdomain.local Administrator
  2. Enter Administrator's password.
  3. sudo shutdown -r now

You can now log on using domain\username.

Bear in mind that your domain user account isn't a member of the sudoers group and therefore doesn't have the same level of permissions as your local user account.


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