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How to install Ubuntu Jammy Jellyfish

ubuntuThis article will describe how to get started with Ubuntu server. I'm installing it as a virtual machine, but the process is the similar for AWS or physical hardware.


  1. Start by downloading the latest version. I'm using Ubuntu 22.04 LTS for this artlcle.
  2. Create a virtual machine with the following attributes:
    1. 4GB memory
    2. 25GB hard drive
    3. Attach the ISO to the CD drive.
  3. Boot the machine


On boot up, follow the wizard instructions.

  1. Select Try or Install Ubuntu Server and press Enter.
  2. On the Welcome screen, select your preferred language (e.g. English UK) and press Enter.
  3. Select Continue without updating.
  4. Confirm your Keyboard layout.
  5. Choose type of install: Ubuntu Server, or Ubuntu Server (minimized).
  6. Network connections: Leave at default setting.
  7. Configure proxy: Typically leave blank.
  8. Configure Ubuntu archive mirror: Typically the default Mirror address will be fine.
  9. Guided storage configuration: Use an entire disk, default settings will be fine.
  10. Storage configuration: Click Done on the summary screen.
  11. Confirm destructive action: Select Continue.
  12. Profile setup:
    1. Your name: Steven Pryer
    2. Your server's name: ubuntu
    3. Pick a username: steven
    4. Choose a password:
    5. Confirm your password:
  13. Upgrade to Ubuntu Pro: Skip for now.
  14. SSH Setup: Install OpenSSH server.
  15. Featured Server Snaps: Select your preferred snaps.

When you click Done, the server installation will commence. Once the installation is finished, you can click Reboot Now. You will need to remove the CD at this stage.

When you first login, you might find that there are some initial installation steps that still need to run

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