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Migrating an EBS volume from one instance to another

awsIt's possible to migrate an EBS volume from one instance and use it to start another.  This can be useful if you want to move an EC2 instance into a newly created VPC for example.

Visit the Amazon Web Service site to review AWS and to learn more.

Create a snapshot

Start by creating a snapshot of the volume that you want to migrate, and then create a volume from that snapshot.

  1. Go to
  2. On the EC2 tab, select Instances in the Navigation section.
  3. Shutdown the instance if not already shut down.
  4. Select the instance currently attached to the EBS volume.
  5. In the information pane that appears below, confirm the EBS volume identity in the Block Devices field.
  6. Select Volumes in the Navigation section.
  7. Select the volume in the main screen, and right-click the volume.
  8. Choose Create snapshot from volume.
  9. Select Snapshots in the Navigation section.
  10. With your new snapshot selected, click Create volume, and then click Create.
  11. Your new volume will shortly become Available.

Attach new volume to new instance

If your volume includes the operating system, then you will almost certainly need to use the identical AMI-ID for the new instance.

  1. Go to
  2. On the EC2 tab, select Instances in the Navigation section.
  3. Create a new instance using the same AMI ID as the previous instance.
  4. Shutdown the new instance.
  5. Go to Volumes.
  6. With your new volume selected, click Attach volume.
  7. Choose your new instance.
  8. Power up your new instance and it will have the old EBS volume.

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