Installing CiviCRM on Drupal

CiviCRMCiviCRM is a web-based Constituent Relationship Management system, that can be installed in either Drupal, Wordpress or Joomla.

For this article I will be installing in Drupal. 


Start with a clean install of Drupal.  I'm using Drupal version 9.3.12 for this article.



Start by visiting the Downloads page for CiviCRM. Clicking the Download CiviCRM 5.48.2 for Drupal 9 button on this page, will take you to an instructions page, that I've summarised here:

  1. Start by getting SSH access to your web server.
  2. Browse to the root directory of your Drupal web site.
  3. Run the following composer commands, using the version that you wish to install (e.g. 5.48.2).
composer config extra.enable-patching true
composer config minimum-stability dev
composer require civicrm/civicrm-{core,packages,drupal-8}:'~5.48.2'
  1. CiviCRM files will now be downloaded and installed to your Drupal instance.
  2. Click Yes when asked to Allow these packages to compile.
  3. Make the /sites/default folder writable
  4. Log in to the Drupal website, with an admin account.
  5. Go to Manage > Extend.
  6. On the List tab, Filter by CiviCRM.
  7. Select CiviCRM Core.
  8. Click the Install button.

Your installation should now be complete. You might need to make sure that civicrm.settings.php is not writable by running the following command:

chmod 444 /sites/default/civicrm.settings.php

You are now ready to start some initial configurations to your CiviCRM system.


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