Create a mail merged pdf file

CiviCRMIn addition to sending emails, CiviCRM can also create a mail merged printable pdf. This article goes through the process.


Start by performing a search to create a list of contacts.

  1. Select all or some of the Contact records.
  2. From the Actions drop-down, choose Print/Merge document.
  3. Give your mail merge a name in the Activity Subject field.
  4. Choose the current Campaign (if applicable).
  5. Expand the Page Format section, and make any changes that you need (e.g. A4, portrait).
  6. Create your content in the Document Body section. Note that you can create your own templates, which greatly simplifies this task going forward.
  7. From the Document type drop-down choose from pdf, docx, odt or even html.
  8. To download your document without registering an activity against the contacts, click Preview.
  9. When you are finished editing, click the Download Document button.

Your merged document will be downloaded as CiviLetter.pdf, that you can print, and an activity will be recorded against each of the contacts.


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