Installing CiviCRM

CiviCRMCiviCRM is a web-based Constituent Relationship Management system, that can be installed in either Drupal, Wordpress or Joomla.

For this article I will be installing in Joomla, although the installation will likely be similar in the other CMSs. 


Start with a clean install of Joomla.  I'm using Joomla version 3.9.6 for this article.  After you've installed Joomla, you will typically want to install an SSL certificate.


Server Time Zone

It's useful for CiviCRM if Joomla is in the correct Time Zone.

  1. Go to System > Global Configuration.
  2. Select the Server tab.
  3. In the Location section choose your Website Time Zone from the drop down list.

I found I also needed to set the timezone for PHP. I created a php.ini file in the root directory, and added the following line.

date.timezone = "Europe/London"

Here is a list of alternative PHP timezones.



Start by visiting the Downloads page for CiviCRM.  Note that CiviCRM is rather large code base (over 20 MB).

  1. Download the latest version of CiviCRM for Joomla (5.14.0 at time of writing).
  2. Upload and extract the downloaded .zip file to create the com_civicrm folder in your /tmp directory.
  3. Login to the back-end of Joomla with an administrator account.
  4. Go to Extensions > Manage > Install.
  5. Select the Install from Folder tab.
  6. Browse to /yourwebsite/tmp/com_civicrm.
  7. Click Check and Install.

Your installation should now be complete.  Don't forget to delete the com_civicrm directory in your /tmp folder.

You are now ready to start some initial configurations to your CiviCRM system.


Thanks for visiting.