Updating minor versions

CiviCRMWhen updating minor versions (e.g. 4.7.24 to 4.7.25) you can simply install the component over the existing installation.

Install new version

Start by performing the install in the normal way.

  1. Download the latest version from CiviCRM.
  2. Upload and extract to your /tmp directory.
  3. Go to Extensions > Manage > Install.
  4. Select the Install from Folder tab.
  5. Browse to your_web_host_directory/tmp/com_civicrm.
  6. Click the Check and Install button.
  7. Click the CiviCRM Database Upgrade Utility link.
  8. Click the Upgrade Now button and confirm in the resulting dialog box.
  9. Click Return to CiviCRM home page link to finish the upgrade.

Your instance will now be upgraded. Note that this operation will reset your Configuration Checklist, so it might be a good time to check your settings, and familiarise yourself once more with them.


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