Change the default language from US-English

CiviCRMThis article describes how to set up CiviCRM for GB-English.

Translations distribution

Start by downloading the translations distribution from the CiviCRM Downloads page.

  1. Click Download CiviCRM 5.x.x > Download CiviCRM localization files
  2. Extract the downloaded civicrm-5.x.x-l10n.tar.tar.gz file.
  3. Browse to the /civicrm/l10n/en_GB.
  4. Copy the en_GB directory to the following location:

Now you can log into CiviCRM with your admin account.

  1. Go to Administer > Localization > Languages, Currency Locations.
  2. Change the Default Language to GB-English.

Your CiviCRM screens should now appear in the selected language. If the underlying server has the proper locale generated, the full and abbreviated month and day names will also be localised properly. Any text that has NOT been translated in the translation files will appear in the default English language. If you see English text after setting a different language, you may need to add to the translation. Refer to the section on helping with CiviCRM localisations below.


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