Updating participant information

CiviCRMFor various reasons you might want to update multiple participant information in one go. For example, I had created 50 Participant Roles, but hadn't included a leading zero for the Participant Role values under 10, which meant that reporting didn't work properly. This article describes the process that I used to change all the values and re-import the participant information.

Export existing data

Start by logging on and going to Components > CiviCRM.

  1. Go to Reports > My Reports.
  2. Click New Report.
  3. Create Filter to suit, or remove all filtering settings.
  4. On the Columns tab, select the following:
    1. Participant ID
    2. Event
    3. Status
    4. Role
  5. Click Actions > Save.
  6. Click Actions > Export as CSV.


Fix Issue

My issue was that Participant Role numbers needed to be amended.

  1. Go to Administer > CiviEvent > Participant Roles.
  2. Change all single number values to double number (e.g. 1 becomes 01)



IMPORTANT: Always create a backup of the data first. Now you are ready to import participant data back in.

  1. Go to Events > Import Participants.
  2. Choose the file
  3. Select First row contains column headers
  4. On Duplicate Entries, select Update
  5. Map columns as follows:
    1. Participant ID → Participant ID
    2. Event → Event Title
    3. Status → Participant Status
    4. Role → Participant Role
  6. Save as a new field mapping
  7. Proceed with the import.

I was able to update 4,000 participant records in one go, without any web server issues.


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