CiviAuthenticate Plugin

CiviCRMThis authentication plugin allows you to manage login access based on CiviCRM Membership status.


Note that a small amount of coding removes the warning message encountered when I first tried to install this plugin.  I've let the developer know about this change, so you might not see this issue in the near future.

  1. Start by visiting the GitHub page for CiviAuthenticate.
  2. Click the Clone or download button, and choose Download ZIP.
  3. Upload and extract the ZIP file to the /tmp folder.
  4. Open the /install.php file for editing.
  5. Change line 85 to include /fields at the end of $path1
$path1 = JPATH_SITE.'/plugins/authentication/civicrm/fields';

Now you can Install this Joomla extension using the Install from folder tab, and browsing to your extracted folder.



Once CiviAuthenticate is installed you'll need to configure the plugin. Note that by default if you enable this plugin, standard registered users might no longer be able to login, until you've properly configured the plugin.

  1. Go to Extensions > Plugins.
  2. Open the Authentication - CiviAuthenticate plugin for editing.
  3. You will need to Enable the plugin.
  4. For each Membership Status (e.g. New, Current, Expired etc...) you can allocate a Joomla User Group.
  5. For each Membership Type you can also assign a Joomla User Group.

There are also many other configurations that you might find useful.


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