Fabrik list won't close or save

fabrikOccasionally you might be editing a List that you haven't opened for a while, and find that it won't save or even close.  It took me quite a while to work out the solution, but here is a summary of the process.


When trying to Save or Close a list that you've been editing, the page appears to refresh, but doesn't close.  On further investigation, I realised that all lists that were derived from my User table were affected.


When did it break?

The first part of the process is narrowing down when this issue started occuring.  It could be that you haven't needed to edit this List for a long time, and so are only just discovering an issue that's been around for potentially a long time.  I kept restoring backups until I found a backup that didn't exhibit the issue, and found that the eronous change had been made 9 months earlier.  I always make notes on my backups, so I could immediately see what was likely to be the problem, in this case a new List had been created that had joins to the User table.  There were two joins, with the second join being a child of the first join.


List Joins

When a dodgy join exists, it can affect all other related Fabrik lists.  I had created a Left Join that seemed to work, but I was joining fields that weren't indexed, and I think this was the cause.  Anyway when I deleted the offending Join in the newly created List, all was well with all my other related Fabrik lists.



It turns out that although my approach above seemed to work, the real fix was to edit the php.ini file and add the following entry:

max_input_vars = 2000

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