How to restore Front Accounting

frontAccountingThe only process more important than the backup is the restoration!  There are two parts to the restoration, the website files and the database itself.

Restore / Move the website files

  1. Create a new domain if needed.
  2. Copy all website files to the new location.
  3. Edit /config_db.php to show your new database details.


Restore the database

  1. Create a new empty database.
  2. Take the most recent sql file from the /company/0/backup directory.
  3. Using phpMyAdmin go to the new database, select the SQL tab, paste the sql file contents into the main area and click Go.
  4. You should see "Your SQL query has been executed successfully".


Use your favourite browser

Browse to you new address (eg and you'll see your freshly restored accountancy platform.


Thanks for visiting.