How to install Front Accounting

frontAccountingFront Accouting is a php/MySQL accountancy package.  Assuming you have web-hosting sorted, this article describes the installation process.


Visit the Front Accounting site and download the latest version.


gzFront Accounting 2.2.tar.gz (888 kb)


  1. Create a new MySQL database (eg accounts)
  2. Create a new domain (eg
  3. Copy and extract the downloaded file on to your web host.
  4. Using your favourite web browser, browse to
  5. Follow the wizard, and enter your own details.
  6. There will be some initial demo data for you to be able to get familiar with the system, that you can delete the data when you've finished with it.
  7. Once the install is finished you should delete the /install directory.


Login for the first time

When you first login you must use the following credentials:

  • Username:  admin
  • Password:  the password you set in the installation.


Now you can start configuring Front Accounting.


Thanks for visiting.