Creating your first Classroom

Google ClassroomIf you've never used Google Classroom before, this article will show you how to create a Classroom.

Google Classroom

Start by logging on to Classroom with your Teacher account.

  1. Click plus (top-right).
  2. Choose Create Class.
  3. Enter the following details:
    1. Class name (required): e.g. Yr 3, History
    2. Section: e.g. Humanities, Science etc...
    3. Subject: e.g. History, Physics etc...
    4. Room: e.g. H3, or Home study etc...
  4. Note that how you create your hierarchy will vary from school to school. In some instances Section might be a department for example.

Note that when you create a Classroom, a Google Calendar is automatically created that is owned by the teacher and shared with the students.


Additional configurations

Here are some initial configuration that I often make to a new Classroom.


Other Classroom tasks

You can also create a copy of an existing classroom, and when the class has finished, you can archive it for future reference.

  1. Log on and go to the Classes view.
  2. Click 3dots and choose Copy or Archive.

Copying a Classroom, will recreate all your topics and Classwork items.

You and your students won't be able to make changes to an archived classroom, but you will be able to access it via Archived Classes in the Classroom menu. 


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