Creating a place for files

Google ClassroomClasswork Materials provide your students with a repository of content to read and interact with as part of the lesson. This article describes how to create a Material section in your Classroom.

Create a Material

To create a Material section, start by logging on to Google Classroom with a Teacher account.

  1. Open the Classroom.
  2. Select the Classwork tab.
  3. Click the Create button and choose Material.
    1. Enter a Title.
    2. Enter a Description.
    3. In the For section, confirm the Classroom selection.
    4. Select All students or limit your assignment to specified students.
    5. You can select or create a Topic.
  4. Add or Create file, link or video attachments.
  5. Click the drop-down next to the Post button, to Save or Schedule your Material.

All the files and other items that you include in this Material section, appear to students as an easy to click on object in the Classroom.


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