Creating classwork assignments

Google ClassroomClasswork assignments, provide your students with work to be completed, and then assessed. This article describes how to create an assignment.


To create assignments, start by logging on to Google Classroom with a Teacher account.

  1. Open the Classroom.
  2. Select the Classwork tab.
  3. Click the Create button and choose Assignment.
  4. Enter a Title.
  5. Give some Instructions.
  6. Add or Create file, link or video attachments.
  7. In the For section, confirm the Classroom selection.
  8. Select All students or limit your assignment to specified students.
  9. Set the number of Points this assignment is worth for marking purposes, or select Unmarked.
  10. Set a Due date as required.
  11. Choose the Topic that this assignment relates to, or leave as No topic if the assignment relates to the Classroom as a whole.
  12. See below for more information about Rubrics and Originality reports.
  13. Click Assign to complete the Assignment, or schedule for a later date.

Students will now have an assignment that they need to complete and hand in to the teacher. Make sure your students know how to turn in their work. Once handed in, the Teacher can view the students' work, and mark and return it to the student as needed.



You can create rubrics to provide a framework for consistent marking.


Originality reports

Students and teachers can use originality reports to check work for authenticity. Originality reports use Google Search to compare the students work against billions of web pages and millions of books.

To turn on, simply click the checkbox for Originality reports.


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