Creating classwork questions

Google ClassroomClasswork questions are very simple ways to interact with your students. This article describes the process for creating a question.


To create Questions, start by logging on to Google Classroom with a Teacher account.

  1. Open the Classroom.
  2. Select the Classwork tab.
  3. Click the Create button and choose Question.
  4. Enter your Question text.
  5. Choose between a Short answer or Multiple choice.
    1. Short answer questions, invite your students to reply in their own words.
    2. Multiple choice questions, ask them to choose the answer from your selection.
  6. Enter some Instructions if needed.
  7. Add or Create file, link or video attachments.
  8. In the For section, confirm the Classroom selection.
  9. Select All students or limit your assignment to specified students.
  10. Set the number of Points this assignment is worth for marking purposes, or select Unmarked.
  11. Set a Due date as required.
  12. Choose the Topic that this assignment relates to, or leave as No topic if the Question relates to the Classroom as a whole.


Further options

Students can reply to each other

This option will allow students to see and reply to the responses given by other students. Note that it is on by default!


Students can edit answer option

This will allow students to change their responses after submission. If you leave this option disabled, students are given a warning message before they confirm their submitted answer.

Submit answer?
You won't be able to make changes to your answer after you've submitted it

It is generally better to leave this disabled. There is still the option for the student to make a private comment after they have handed in their response.


Ask the question

When you are finished compiling your question, you can click the Ask button, or schedule for later. Once a Question is posted, your students will also receive an email advising them of the new posting. Make sure your students know how to turn in their work. Once handed in, the Teacher can view the students' work, and mark and return it to the student as needed.


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