Creating quiz assignments

Google ClassroomQuiz assignments, provide your students with various types of questions to answer. This article describes how to create a Quiz.

Quiz Assignment

To create a Quiz assignment, start by logging on to Google Classroom with a Teacher account.

  1. Open the Classroom.
  2. Select the Classwork tab.
  3. Click the Create button and choose Quiz assignment.
  4. Enter a Title.
  5. Give some Instructions.
  6. Add or Create file, link or video attachments as needed.
  7. In the For section, confirm the Classroom selection.
  8. Select All students or limit your assignment to specified students.
  9. Set the number of Points this assignment is worth for marking purposes, or select Unmarked.
  10. Set a Due date as required.
  11. Choose the Topic that this assignment relates to, or leave as No topic if the assignment relates to the Classroom as a whole.


Google Form

You create the quiz questions by editing a Google Form.

  1. Click the Blank Quiz button, to open a Google Form in a new Window.
  2. Click pencilMono if needed, so that you can edit the quiz questions.
  3. Change the Name of the quiz from Blank Quiz to the name given to the Quiz assignment.
  4. Enter a brief Description.


When creating a comprehensive quiz, you might find it easier to navigate if you create sections.

  1. Click Sections to create a new Section.
  2. Click the corresponding 3dots to Duplicate, Move or Delete a Section.
  3. Click in the name field of the section to edit it.

Importing questions

You can import questions from a previous quiz.

  1. Click importQuestions to select from previously created Google Forms.
  2. Once you've selected the Google Form, you can choose all or some of the Questions in that form.
  3. Click the Import questions button, to add the question(s) to the current Section.


You can add pictures to various parts of your Quiz.

  1. Click picture in the side-bar to add a picture to a Section.
  2. You can also click picture on a multiple choice question, to create picture-based questions.

Adding questions 

There are many question types that you can choose from, when developing a Quiz assignment.

  1. Short answer
  2. Paragraph
  3. Multiple choice
  4. Checkboxes
  5. Drop-down
  6. File upload
  7. Linear scale
  8. Multiple-choice grid
  9. Tick box grid
  10. Date
  11. Time

Each type of question has different configurable options for the given answers. For example Short answer allows student to enter free form text, whereas Drop-down asks the student to choose from a selection of drop-down answers. I recommend you experiment with the different options to find out more.

Answer key

For each question, you can allocate a number of points for correct answers. You can also enter custom feedback for correct and incorrect answers.

  1. Click answerKey (bottom-left).
  2. This will reveal fields where you can add feedback, and allocate points.


For each question you can decide whether the question is required, or optional. Simply toggle the Required option.



When you have finished editing quiz questions to your Google Form, you can close the Window to return to the Quiz assignment.

In the Quiz assignment itself, you can click the Assign button to complete the Quiz assignment, or click the down-arrow to schedule it for a later date.


Student experience

Students will now have a Quiz assignment. When they access it, they will click Next to move between different Sections. When they've completed the quiz, they can click Submit to hand it in to the teacher. Once submitted, any scores are automatically calculated.



You can create rubrics to provide a framework for consistent marking.


Originality reports

Students and teachers can use originality reports to check work for authenticity. Originality reports use Google Search to compare the students work against billions of web pages and millions of books.

To turn on, simply click the checkbox for Originality reports.


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