Who has handed in their work?

Google ClassroomOnce you've created an Assignment or a Question and assigned it to your students, you will want to see how the students have got on. This article describes various ways to view student's work.


Students' answers to Questions can be managed on the Students' answers page. You can view this page from the Stream.

  1. Open the Classroom.
  2. From the Stream tab, click the Title of a Question.
  3. This will take you to the Students' answers page for this posted Question.



Assignment progress can be managed on the Student work page.

  1. From the Stream tab, click the Title of an Assignment.
  2. This will take you to the Student Work page for this posted Assignment.


Google Drive

You can also view your students' work in Google Drive.

  1. Open Google Drive with your teacher account.
  2. Browse to Classroom > Class Title > Assignment Title.
  3. Here you will see all Student files, prefixed with their names.

Note that when viewing student work in Google Drive, you have the ability to see the version history of the document. If a student copies work, there will only be two versions, a blank one when the document was first created, and the copied version.

  • In Google Document, go to File > Version history > See version History to reveal the Version history tab.


You are now ready to mark the students' work.


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