Using rubrics to grade assignments

Google ClassroomRubrics provide a structured mechanism to assist you when grading long documents, such as written assignments. This article describes how rubrics work in Google Classroom.

Create a rubric

You can create up to 50 criteria per rubric, and up to 10 performance levels per criterion.

  1. Start by opening an Assignment or a Quiz assignment for editing.
  2. Click the + Rubric button and choose Create rubric.
    1. Enter your first Criterion title: (e.g. Introduction).
    2. Add a Criterion description: (e.g. The opening paragraph of your essay).
    3. Add performance levels:
      1. Points: (e.g. 20).
      2. Level title: (e.g. Excellent).
      3. Description: (e.g. Uses several introduction strategies to engage the reader).
      4. Click addQuestions to add new performance levels either side of your first level.
    4. Click the + Add a criterion button to add another criterion (e.g. Main content, Summary).
      1. Add performance levels to each criterion.
    5. Click the Save button when you have finished editing your rubric.

Note that the total score for the rubric is a sum of the highest scores attainable for each criterion. Here is an example of a Rubric with 3 criteria that could be used for marking 3 key parts of an essay (not including descriptions).

Criterion Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Introduction Excellent = 20 Average = 10 Poor = 0
Main content Excellent = 60 Average = 30 Poor = 0
Summary Excellent = 20 Average = 10 Poor = 0


You can see that if your student deserved excellent for their Introduction, Main content and Summary, they would receive the maximum of 100 points.


Marking students' work

When using a rubric to mark students work, the Teacher simply clicks a button to allocate the different levels.


Students' view

Students get to see their total score, but they can also view the rubric descriptions, and use the information to improve their work, and even resubmit essays for reappraisal.


Reusing rubrics

You can reuse existing rubrics, so it is worth spending time getting them right.

  1. Start by opening an Assignment or a Quiz assignment for editing.
  2. Click the + Rubric button and choose Reuse rubric.

You will now have a new rubric named after your new assignment, but with all the details for the original rubric.


Sharing rubrics

To help your co-Teachers, you can share a rubric that you've created.

  1. Start by opening the Assignment or a Quiz assignment that has the rubric that you want to share.
  2. Click the Rubric xxx button to view it.
  3. Click 3dotsand choose Export to sheets.
  4. Access the spreadsheet by visiting Google Drive, and browsing to My Drive > Classroom > Rubric exports.
  5. Select the newly created rubric spreadsheet and click addUser

You can even share with Teachers outside your domain. Note that by default the new Teacher will have full access to the spreadsheet, and will be able to edit it. This can be changed by editing the share properties.


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