How to get started with Google Meet

hangoutFor this article I've used an account with Google Apps, but I expect this will all work the same with a normal Google account.

Create a Meet

We will start by creating a Google Meet.

  1. Start by logging on to your Google Apps account.
  2. Click the 9dots icon and choose Meet (you may need to scroll down for this).
    1. Alternatively you can browse to
  3. Click the Join or start a meeting button.
  4. Enter a meaningful Name (e.g. We need to talk about Kevin).
  5. Note that your Hangout name will be converted to weneedtotalkaboutkevin.
  6. In the summary screen that follows, click Join now.
  7. For now you can close the dialog box that appears.

You are now the first (and only) attendee to your newly created Google Meet.


Inviting others

Now you are ready to invite other attendees.

  1. In your newly created Meet, click the addUser button (top-right) to Invite people.
  2. Select people from your contacts list, or add new people with their email address.
  3. Click the Send invitation button.

The invited attendees will now be sent an email.


Accepting the invitation

Your attendees will need to access their emails.

  1. The attendee should open the email inviting them to join the video call.
  2. Click the Join Meeting button, in the email.


Change Layout

There are a number of different layouts including Auto, Sidebar, Spotlight and Tiled.

  1. Click the 3dotsicon bottom-left.
  2. Select Change layout.
  3. Click the layout that you prefer.


Further options

During the Google Meet you can use buttons at the bottom of the screen, to mute your microphone, turn your camera on and off, turn on captions and share your screen.


Schedule a Meet

Using Google Calendar you can schedule a Meet.

  1. From your Google Inbox, click the 9dots icon and choose Calendar.
  2. Click in the main area to create a new event.
  3. Expand Add location or conferencing and click Add conferencing.

You can now edit the event in the usual way.

  • Add other users to the Calendar event, and they will see the scheduled Meet when they access Google Meet from their account.
  • Click More options to make a repeating event.


Ending the Meet

When you are finished, you can simply hang up by clicking the red telephone, and then Return to home screen.


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