uddeIM is a personal messaging system

joomlaExtensionsPersonal messaging systems allow you to communicate with other users of your website.  It's similar to instant messaging and sending emails, but happens entirely inside your website.  Crucially it integrates very nicely with the Community Builder component for Joomla.  Learn how to install Joomla extensions to get yourself started.

Visit the Joomla extensions site to review uddeIM and to get the latest version.


Download joomla15zip uddeIM_1.9_unzip1st.zip and unzip it to your desktop.

Then install the following:

  1. zip com_uddeim.zip
  2. zip mod_uddeim.zip


Community Builder plugins

Go to Components > Community Builder > Plugin Management and install the following:

  1. zip cb_plug_pms_uddeim.zip
  2. zip cb_plug_pms_uddeim_blocking.zip
  3. zip cb_plug_pms_uddeim_inbox.zip
  4. zip cb_plug_pms_uddeim_profilelink.zip


You will need to Publish these Community Builder plugins.



Use an FTP client or EXTplorer to upload desired templates to




    1. Go to Extensions > Module Manager.
      1. Select the CB_Login module and click Edit.
      2. In the Parameter > Module Parameters section:
      3. Private Messaging System:  Choose uddeIM from the drop-down.
    2. Go to Components > UddeIM > Displaytab.
      1. Choose your uddeIM Template from the drop-down.
      2. Set Behavior of "All users" link to Suppress "All users" link.
      3. Set Use autocomplete to Yes.
      4. Click Save.


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