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Create a cool slideshow

joomlaExtensionsIf you'd like to display a slideshow with lots of different transitions, Autson Skitter Slideshow could be for you.  This article shows you how to set it up.

Learn how to install Joomla extensions to get yourself started.

Visit the Joomla extensions site to review Autson Skitter Slideshow and to get the latest version.


Install the following:

  1. joomla25zip


Start by enabling the newly installed module.

  1. Go to Extensions > Module Manager.
  2. Click the Autson Slideshowmodule for editing and consider the following options.
    1. Set the module Position.
    2. Change Status to published.
    3. Slideshow width and height.
    4. Navigation options.
    5. And many more...
  3. You can add upto 20 images, with titles, descriptions and URL links.

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