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Serving documents with DOCman

joomlaExtensionsDOCman allows you to upload documents for your visitors to subsequently download.  Learn how to install Joomla extensions to get yourself started.

Visit the Joomla extensions site to review DOCman and to get the latest version.


To start the installation first enable the system-legacy plugin and then install the following:

  1. Go to Extensions > Plugin Manager.
  2. Enable the System-Legacy plugin.
  3. Install the following...
    1.  joomla15zip com docman (704 kb)
    2.  joomla15zip bot docman search (4 kb)
    3.  joomla15zip mod docman mostdown (1.8 kb)
    4.  joomla15zip mod docman latestdown (1.9 kb)
    5.  joomla15zip plg doclink (35 kb)
    6.  joomla15zip plg autothumb (143 kb)


Go to Extensions > Plugin Manager  and enable the following plugins:

  • Joomlatools AutoThumb Plugin For DOCman
  • DOCLink


You can also install joomla15zip mjaztools blogtheme v1.4.1 (279 kb) using the DOCman Themes installer.


If you use JCE, the doclink plugin won't work as expected.  Instead of using plg_doclink, go to Components > JCE Administration > Install and install the JCE advlink plugin instead.  Don't forget to enable this plugin too.

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