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Accept donations for your Joomla website

joomlaExtensionsThe Donate extension for Joomla allows you to accept donations from your website visitors.  Learn how to install Joomla extensions to get yourself started.

Visit the Joomla extensions site to review Donate and to get the latest version.


Download and install the following:

  1. joomla15zip mod_donate_J.1.5.x_1.0.2.tar.gz (15 kb)


Here are some initial settings that you might want to make...

  1. Go to Extensions > Module Manager.
  2. Enable and position the Donate module as you like.
  3. For PayPal ID enter your PayPal email address.
  4. Enter your website for the Return URL and the Cancel URL.
  5. Enter a Logo URL if you have a customised PayPal logo (otherwise your default PayPal header will display).
  6. Choose PayPal for the Button Layout.
  7. Save your configuration changes.

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