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Helpdesk Solution with Issue Tracker

joomlaExtensionsIf you'd like to offer a helpdesk solution using your Joomla website, Issue Tracker might be suitable for your purposes.  This article describes the initial setup procedure.

Visit the Joomla extensions site to review Issue Tracker and to get the latest version.


Browse to the Joomla Extensions site to download the latest version of Issue Tracker, and install the extension.  At the time of writing, the latest version was 1.6.3, and it is suitable for Joomla versions 2.5 and 3.x.


Here are some initial configuration settings you can make before using the component.

  1. Go to Components > Issue Tracker.
  2. Click the People button.
    1. Make at least one user an Admin, and a member of Staff.
  3. Click the Projects button.
    1. Create at least one project (eg. called Helpdesk).
    2. Assign a member of Staff.
  4. Click the Options button top-right.
  5. General
    1. Use WYSIWYG editor - Enabled
    2. Issue Alias Format - Simple
    3. Issue Summary Report - Enabled
    4. Reopen Closed Issues - Enabled
  6. Issue Defaults
    1. Default Project - (eg. see Helpdesk created above
    2. Default Assignee - Assign member of staff
  7. Email Settings
    1. Enter your email address and website details.
    2. Enable Notifications for Users and Assignees.
  8. Permissions
    1. Select the Registered User Group.
    2. Allow the Create and Edit Own actions.


You will now need to create a couple of menu items to your front-end.

  1. Go to Menus > Top Menu > Add new menu item.
    1. Menu Title - Helpdesk.
    2. Menu Item Type - Issue Tracke > List all issues.
    3. Options tab
      1. Select discrete Projects to display.
      2. Statuses to display - All except closed.
    4. Display Options tab
    5. Show Users Issues - Enable to show only the logged on users issues.
  2. Go to Menus > Top Menu > Add new menu item.
    1. Menu Title - New Issue
    2. Menu Item Type - Issue Tracker > Create An Issue.

Your customers will now be able to view current issues, and create new ones.  You will be able to view assigned issues.

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