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Protect your site with jHackGuard

joomlaExtensionsjHackGuard is a free extension that has been developed by the web host provider Siteground. It hasn't been updated since October 2015, but otherwise seems to work okay.

Visit the Joomla extensions site to review jHackGuard and to get the latest version.


Don't forget to backup your Joomla website before installing new extensions.

  1. Visit the jHackGuard extension.
  2. Click Download button.
  3. On the Siteground page that follows, click Download for your version of Joomla (hopefully 3.x).
  4. Install the downloaded extension.

jHackGuard will now be installed.


There are some initial configurations that you will want to make.

  1. Go to Components > jHackGuard.
  2. Click the link, inviting you to Enable the plugin in the Joomla Plugins Manager, and enable it.
  3. Go back to Components > jHackGuard.
  4. Click Options.
  5. On the jHackGuard tab, note the log level and rotation.
  6. Add your own Admin keyword value (e.g. mysecret).
  7. Enable the Admin keyword.

You will still be logged into the back-end of Joomla at this stage, but next time you log in you will need to browse to the following address:


If you want to know if jHackGuard is working, you can browse to the following address:'jHackGuardTest'));

Now you can go to Components > jHackGuard > Event Logs. If jHackGuard is operational, it will have created an entry.

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