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Updating multiple Joomla websites

joomlaExtensionsAt regular intervals, the Joomla team release new versions of Joomla.  You can manually update your site, but this extension allows you to perform the update automatically across multiple sites.  Learn how to install Joomla extensions to get yourself started.  The developer of J!Update Pro has even produced this really useful video!  NB. If you only need to update one site, you may want to try J!Update instead of J!Update Pro.

Visit the Joomla extensions site to review J!Update Pro and to get the latest version.

Installation of component - Server

The component is required on the Joomla website that you want to manage updates from.

  1. Start the installation by downloading and extracting
  2. Now you are able to install the component

Installation of plugin - Client

The plugin is required on the Joomla website that you want to manage updates for.

  1. Install the plugin
  2. Go to Extensions > Plugin Manager.
  3. Enable the plugin XML-RPC - J!UpdatePro.
  4. Go to Site > Global Configuration.
  5. Select the System tab.
  6. In the System Settings section, copy the Secret Word.
  7. Choose Yes to Enable Web Services and click Apply.


You are now ready to configure the Master, and update your first Client.  Remember to backup your Joomla website prior to any major changes including a site update.

  1. Go to Components > J! Update Pro.
  2. Click Newto add a new client website.
    1. Enter a meaningful Name.
    2. Enter the URL (eg.
    3. Enter the Username and Password of a Super Administrator for the client website.
    4. Enter the Secret Word.
    5. Click Save.
  3. Now with your new site selected, click Verify.
  4. Click Update for the new site (if it is available).
  5. Click OK to confirm the update.

You can now view the log by clicking on the relevant link.

Restore to a previous version

Once you've performed an update, you can choose to revert to the previous version.  This could be particularly useful if a Joomla update is not compatible with one of your extensions and you want to wait for the extension to be updated too.

  1. Go to Components > J! Update Pro.
  2. Click Roll back for the client website, and click OK to confirm.

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