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Kunena (swahili for "to speak") Forum

joomlaExtensionsForums can be used for various purposes, from developing new ideas, to providing support to users.  Kunena Forum for Joomla is a feature rich component, that is likely to provide you with everything you need for a successful forum deployment.  Learn how to install Joomla extensions to get yourself started.

Visit the Joomla extensions site to review Kunena Forum and to get the latest version.


Prior to the installation, it's a good idea to see if your site support MooTools 1.2.x (included in Joomla 1.5.20+)

  1. Go to Extensions > Plugin Manager.
  2. Enable System - Mootools Upgrade.
  3. Go to the front-end of your website.
  4. If it is still working your installation should be fine.
  5. If your website stops working, follow the previous steps and disable System - Mootools Upgrade.


Install the following:

  1. joomla15zip

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