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Publishing photo gallerys

joomlaExtensionsWith this component you can present your photos in a really attractive and easy to use gallery.  Phoca Gallery also works with piclens.  Learn how to install Joomla extensions to get yourself started.

Visit the Joomla extensions site to review Phoca Gallery and to get the latest version.


If you have Joomla 1.5, install the following:

  2. joomla15zip
  3. joomla15zip

For Joomla 2.5 install this...

  1. joomla25zip

Adding Images

To get started with your first gallery, here is the process.

  1. Using either an FTP client, or eXtplorer, upload all your required photos into a folder in /images/phocagallery/my_first_gallery.
  2. Go to Components > Phoca Gallery > Categories.
  3. Create a New Category (note that galleries can be nested inside other galleries).
  4. Go to Components > Phoca Gallery > Images.
  5. Click Multiple Add.
  6. Select the Category that you just created.
  7. Give your gallery items a meaningful Title (or leave blank and each image will be named after the filename).
  8. Select the folder that contains your images.
  9. Click Save and Close.

All the images will now be part of a new Gallery, named after the folder that they were in, in the Category that you selected.  Note that if your images are stored in the same heirarchy as the Category listing that you want, you can simply do the following:

  1. Go to Components > Phoca Gallery > Images.
  2. Click Multiple Add.
  3. Select the folders that you want to present.
  4. Click Save and Close.


Here are some further configuration options that I've set.

  1. Go to Components > Phoca Gallery > Control Panel.
  2. Click the Options button.
  3. Categories View.
    1. Mosaic Effect - Yes.
  4. Category View
    1. Display Name - Hide.
    2. Display Image Instead Of Folder Icon - Yes
    3. Display Back Button - No
    4. Different Thumbnail height - Yes (Masonary effect).
  5. General Settings
    1. Phoca Gallery Center - Yes (Category View).
    2. Responsive Design - Yes
    3. Bootstrap 3 Icons - Yes
  6. Thumbnails
    1. Additional Thumbnails - Medium and small thumbnails.
    2. Medium Image Width - 223 (full screen) or 202 with right modules visible.
    3. Medium Image Height - 170

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