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A plugin for automatically generating keywords

joomlaExtensionsSEO-Generator is unusual on this website in that it's a commercial plugin (you have to pay a small fee, £4.50 at the time of writing).

It's worth it though, for the advantage of not having to work out good keywords, and the ability to have keywords that can be used for other purposes (eg Related Articles).

That said, if you like free extensions (and I love 'em) check out the alternative JoomSEO.

Learn how to install Joomla extensions to get yourself started.


pdfSEO guide from Google (560 kb)


  1. Download the latest version of SEO-Generator from the developers site.
  2. Install the component.
  3. Enable the Plugin.

In use

My style of writing articles means that I reduce the number of keywords generated to 12, you may find a different number suits your purposes.  SEO-Generator will automatically create the description and keyword set for any article that doesn't have them, when you save the article (in the back-end, it has no effect in the front-end!).  You can then revisit the article and delete any keywords that aren't useful to you, and SEO-Generator won't rebuild the keyword list.

If you do want the keyword list rebuilt (ie you've added a lot of new content to the article with potentially new keywords) then simply delete the keyword set and description and SEO-Generator will recreate the meta-data.

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