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Encouraging visitors to follow you

joomlaExtensionsThe stalker module allows you to display a selection of social network icons, that send your visitors to your social network.  Once they've visited your Facebook page or Twitter, they will feel that they know you better, only you know if that's a good thing!  Learn how to install Joomla extensions to get yourself started.

Visit the Joomla extensions site to review Stalker and to get the latest version.


Download and extract the following:

  1. joomla15zip Stalker_1.1.1

Then install the following:



  1. Go to Components > Stalker.
    1. Add your social networks.
  2. Go to Extensions > Module Manager.
    1. Edit Stalker to be Enabled and Show title: No.
    2. Use database: choose Yes.
    3. Adjust the Icon Size to suit, from the Module Parameters section.
    4. Click Save.

To add your own images simply upload your 64x64 pixels .png file to /media/stalker/icons.

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