How to migrate your Joomla website

joomlaYou will sometimes need to move your website from one host to another. You could use Akeeba backup and restore. Occasionally you will need to migrate manually. This article describes the manual migration process.

Copy data

There are two key elements that you need to have a copy of:

  • The database.
  • The website files.

The database can be exported using phpMyAdmin. The website files can be copied using your web host file manager.


Restore data

You can now restore the data in two steps:


Using phpMyAdmin or your preferred MySQL interface, you need to create a new database on your new host, and give a new database user full access to the database. You then need to import the data from the backup you created in the previous step.

Website files

The website files that you copied can now be uploaded to the new host.



The final step is to browse to the root of the web host directory and open the configuration.php file for editing. Here you need to update the following entries:

public $db = 'database_name';
public $user = 'database_user';
public $password = 'db_password';
public $tmp_path = '/path_to_public_html/tmp';
public $log_path = '/path_to_public_html/administrator/logs';
If you are migrating to a new domain name you will also need to edit the following line:
public $live_site = '';

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