Updating Joomla websites

joomlaThe Joomla framework gets upgraded every few months.  It is an important part of the website admin's role to ensure that these upgrades are installed in a timely manner.  This article shows you how.  If you want to perform an update automatically you might use J!Update or J!Update Pro.


  1. Backup your site using Akeeba Backup.


Make some checks

  1. Confirm the latest available version (eg. 1.5.18).
  2. Confirm your current version (eg. 1.5.17).


Install update

  1. Visit joomla.org and download the correct patch package in a .zip format (eg. Joomla_1.5.17_to_1.5.18-Stable-Patch_Package.zip)
  2. Using the webhosts file manager (WARNING: do not use extplorer), upload the Patch Package and unzip the files into their own folder on your web server.
  3. Copy and paste the unzipped files into the root directory of your site.
  4. Login to the backend to confirm your new current version (the version appears top right).


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