It may be time for a rebuild

joomlaIf you've uninstalled and installed lots of software or if you've performed one too many upgrades, you might find that you need to rebuild your Joomla site from scratch.

New site

Start by building your new Joomla site.


Exporting tables

To export tables in phpMyAdmin...

  1. Select the table and choose the Export tab.
  2. Then choose Add DROP TABLE and Save as file and then click Go.

Using phpMyAdmin export the following tables from your old database:

  • jos_users
  • jos_core_acl_aro
  • jos_core_acl_groups_aro_map
  • jos_sections
  • jos_categories
  • jos_content
  • jos_content_frontpage
  • jos_contact_details
  • jos_menu_types
  • jos_menu
  • jos_weblinks
  • jos_modules
  • jos_modules_menu

These are the main tables, and depending on your site you may decide to export more.


Import the tables

Now you can import the tables to your new database...

  1. Select the new table and choose the Import tab.
  2. Browse to your downloaded sql file and click Go.



You will typically want to migrate the entire /images folder.


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