Following the installation wizard

joomlaOnce you've made the initial preparations, you'll be able to follow the installation wizard.  The following video tutorial covers Joomla 1.5.

Installation wizard Joomla 1.5

Use your browser to visit your website and you'll be greeted with the installation wizard.

  1. Choose language and click Next.
  2. For you to get past the pre-installation check you will need all ticks in the top section.  The bottom section has some recommended settings but they aren't essential for the installation.
  3. Confirm your acceptance of the licence.
  4. Enter your database settings.  Host will usually be localhost (99% chance that you won't have to change this) you will need the database name and your username and password.  If you expand the Advanced Settings section, you can choose whether to backup any existing data (if you are using an existing database).
  5. FTP Configuration can usually be left with the default setting of No.
  6. Main Configuration:  Here you will set the name of your website, and your administrator email and password (NB the administrator account username is admin).
  7. You can also choose to Install Sample Data, and this is a useful feature if you are new to Joomla (note that if you choose not to, you will be given a warning).
  8. The installation is nearly finished.


Installation wizard Joomla 3.0

Use your browser to visit your website and you'll be greeted with the installation wizard.

  1. For you to get past the Pre-installation check you will need all checks to be Yes.
  2. On the Configuration tab...
    1. Select your Language.
    2. Enter Site Name and Description.
    3. Enter your email address, username and password.
    4. Leave Site offline in default setting.
  3. On the Database tab...
    1. For Database Type choose MySQL or MySQLi.
    2. Host Name will usually be localhost.
    3. Enter your Username and Password.
    4. Enter the Database Name.
    5. Leave the randomly generated Table Prefix.
    6. Choose whether to backup or remove any existing data.
  4. On the Overviewtab...
    1. Select an Install Sample Data option, or leave default of None..
    2. Click Install.
  5. Click the Remove Installation Folder button.
  6. Select either the Site or Administrator button.


Finishing off

You are now ready to start configuring your new joomla website.


Thanks for visiting.