Initial preparations for a Joomla website

joomlaTo get started with Joomla, you'll need a domain name, and you'll need a web host.  Once you've got hosting sorted, here are some of the initial steps.

If you don't already have hosting, Siteground offer excellent value and service.

Initial preparation

  1. You will need a web hosting solution in order to install Joomla.
  2. You now need to upload and extract the .zip file to your webserver.  You could either use your web host tools to do this, or your favourite FTP client.



  1. Use your web hosts tools, or phpMyAdmin to create a new MySQL database.
  2. Create a database user with the following level of access:
    1. ALTER
    2. CREATE
    3. DELETE
    4. DROP
    5. INSERT
    6. SELECT
    7. UPDATE

Three permissions (CREATE, DROP and ALTER) can typically be removed for everyday use, but are needed when installing new components.


PHP Version

Note that for Joomla 3.0, you will need a recent version of PHP.

  1. Using cPanel, go to the Software section.
  2. Choose PHP Version Manager.
  3. Select the folder that you wish to apply the PHP version to.
  4. I typically use version 5.48 as this fixes any Magic Quotes issue.


Next steps

You are now ready for the installation wizard.


Thanks for visiting.