Removing the legacy images/stories folder

joomlaEarly versions of Joomla used the images/stories folder to store images for articles. If you were to move all these images up one level into the /images folder it would break all references to those images in your articles. This article describes the process of updating all your articles to point to the new /images folder.

Move the images

We will start by moving all the images currently in /images/stories in the /images directory. All image links will now be broken.


Now we can access the database using PHPMyAdmin.

  1. Run the following SQL commands, changing the table names for your database:
UPDATE `abcde_content` SET `introtext` = REPLACE(`introtext`, 'images/stories', 'images') WHERE 1;
UPDATE `abcde_content` SET `fulltext` = REPLACE(`fulltext`, 'images/stories', 'images') WHERE 1;
UPDATE `abcde_categories` SET `description` = REPLACE(`description`, 'images/stories', 'images') WHERE 1;

Now all your images referenced in your articles and categories will be visible once more.


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