Adding files as hyperlinks

joomlaWhilst there are lots of document management extensions for Joomla, if you only need to present a small number of documents you might decide to simply add them as hyperlinks in an article. This article describes the process using JCE.

JCE editor

We will start by opening the article for editing in JCE Editor.

  1. Go to Content > Articles.
  2. Enter some text to use to describe the document.
  3. Select the text.
  4. Click the Insert/Edit link button. JCEHyperlink
  5. In the URL field, click the document icon, JCEDocument to browse for documents.
  6. In the File Browser dialog box, you can upload and manage documents before selecting the document you need.

You might also choose to add a small 32x32 icon depicting the applicable file type. Here are some examples:



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