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How to install Joomla extensions

Joomla ExtensionsTo add a new feature to your website you will need to install an extension.  Joomla extensions are installed in the back-end.  Virtually all extensions install using the same method.  This article describes the install procedure.

IMPORTANT:  Always backup your Joomla site before installing a new extension.

First find that new extension

  1. You could start by having a look at my recommended extensions.
  2. Or you can search at the official Joomla extensions site.

Installing Extensions

There are 4 different methods of installing extensions, described below, but to get started do the following

  1. Log on to your Joomla website with a Super User account.
  2. In Joomla 3, go to Extensions > Manage > Install
  3. In Joomla 4 and 5, click System, and then Extensions in the Install section.

Install from Web

Here you can browse by category and choose from the most popular Joomla extensions. This is an excellent starting place.

Upload Package File

If you know what extension you want to install, and you've downloaded the packaged .zip file, you can upload and install on this tab. This method works for most extensions.

Install from Folder

An alternative to the previous method is to upload the .zip file to your web server, in the /tmp directory and extract the .zip file in advance. This method is sometimes more reliable than the Upload Package File method.

Install from URL

For some extensions you might know the latest URL. This method will copy the .zip package file directly from the software developer's website.

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